Critical Illness


critical illness insurance
At a Glance

If you suffer a critical illness like cancer or a heart attack, will you be protected?  Can you live without your spouse’s income if they need to miss work to care for you?  What if you couldn’t return to your present job and salary?

If a critical illness ever strikes, the good news is you will probably survive.  Many of us however, are not prepared for the financial burden of recovery.  Health insurance doesn’t come close to covering all expenses.

Our product pays a lump sum benefit upon the first confirmed diagnosis of covered illness or medical procedure.  We cover conditions in three categories, Category 1 – Cancer, Category 2 – Heart/Stroke and Category 3 – Other.  If you collect the benefit for an illness or procedure in one category and are then diagnosed with a condition in another category, this policy will pay the full benefit to you again.*

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*See policy for definitions, exclusions and restrictions for diseases and heath events covered.

Key Features
  • You will be able to make your mortgage, auto loan or credit card payments
  • You will not have the stress of lost income from your spouse missing work to care for you
  • You can afford your medical costs  - deductibles, prescriptions, treatments, etc.
  • You can pay for rehabilitation, training or education for a new occupation if needed
  • You can pay for child and nursing care

Why Critical Illness Insurance?
“It’s all about medical advances that have increased survival rates” says Dr. Marius Barnard, the father of critical illness insurance and cardiac surgeon who helped pioneer the first heart transplant.  Dr. Barnard watched as new procedures saved the lives of countless patients who suffered critical illnesses, but saw those same lives devastated by financial impact.  Many are unable to return to their previous professions or incomes; others need to return to work before they have fully recovered.

  • Every 29 seconds… someone in the U.S. is having a coronary event
  • Every 24 seconds… someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with cancer
  • Every 45 seconds… someone in the U.S. is having stroke
Dr. Barnard helped develop critical illness insurance so that people can afford to survive – and recover.